Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Ambient air monitoring is the systematic, long-term assessment of pollutant levels by measuring the quantity and types of certain pollutants in the surrounding, outdoor air.

Ambient air monitoring is an integral part of an effective air quality management system. Reasons to collect such data include to:

  • Assess the extent of pollution;

  • Provide air pollution data to the general public in a timely manner;

  • Support implementation of air quality goals or standards;

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of emissions control strategies;

  • Provide information on air quality trends;

  • Provide data for the evaluation of air quality models; and

  • Support research (e.g., long-term studies of the health effects of air pollution)

Systems are needed to ensure that data are of acceptable quality, to record and store the data, and to analyze the data and present results.


Air Quality Index

Air Quality Index (AQI) is a scientific information that calculated based on the extract quality of the ambiant air to keep the public aware on the air that they breathe and its interrelationship with the human health.

Air Quality Index (AQI) is a tool to showcase air quality status. It transforms complex air quality data of various pollutants into a single number and colour. AQI has six categories of air quality.


These are: Good, Satisfactory, Moderately Polluted, Poor, Very Poor and Severe. Each of these categories is decided based on ambient concentration values of air pollutants and their likely health impacts. As the AQI increases, an increasingly large percentage of the population is likely to experience health effects.

Air Quality Monitoring Stations

Air Quality Index Colour Code

Central Environmental Authority Currently have two Air Quality Monitoring Stations located in Colombo Battaramulla and Kandy. 

Ambient Air Quality Index - Battaramulla
Pollutants and Values
Ambient Air Quality Index - Kandy
Pollutants and Values

Air Quality Sri Lanka

Central Environmental Authority Currently carry out the Air Quality Index Values for Battaramulla and Kandy locations

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